Sure, you could launch your own job search to fill that position, but there’s a reason (or two) more than 300+ restaurants and hotels look to EHS at any given time to help them find talented, qualified candidates for them.

  1. EHS recruiters understand the industry.

In addition to being in the hospitality recruitment business for more than 20 years, all EHS recruiters have experience working in the kitchen, on the floor, or behind the counter.  This exposure helps us to understand your needs and what attributes to hone in on as we look for candidates on your behalf.

We’ve also worked with many different companies in our respective regions, and have our fingers on the pulse of local market news and trends.

  1. EHS has connections with a broad range of hospitality professionals.

At any given time, EHS recruiters have a large database of candidates at their fingertips (75,000+ candidates and growing) to help you find talented industry professionals uniquely qualified to fill your staff needs.

After more than 20 years in the recruiting business, EHS has fostered relationships with a range of candidates – from many backgrounds and concepts – who bring solid experience to the table.

We may conduct a search on your behalf whether your needs are public or need to be kept confidential.

  1. EHS saves you time and money.

EHS recruiters connect to industry professionals through multiple social media networks, searches through our data base and through strategically placed ads. But, the biggest thing we do to find that perfect candidate is cold call. Reaching out to candidates that are unaware you are looking and introducing them to your opportunity. Maybe they are interested, maybe they know someone. We do our recruiting 24/7, 365 day a year. So we are always building and growing our database. With all these methods, we can help you find talented and qualified individuals to fill your staffing needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We identify possible matches for your search, pre-screen to ensure their credentials align with your needs, prep candidates with information on your company and open position, work with you to arrange interviews and debriefs, and coordinate offers that meet everyone’s needs and requirements.

Our clients pay us only when we make a placement for them.  In the meantime, you run your business.