Massimo Vuotto
Chicago, IL

Massimo grew up in Naples, Italy. He always had a zeal for food and drink, coming from one of the most well known cities for delicious eats like pizza, wine, and fine coffees & wines. Massimo grew up in the restaurant business, having several family members own and operate local pizzerias and trattorias.
He had a passion for American culture and decided to explore a new world. At the age of 18, he decided to fly to America to spend time with one of his uncles that lived in Chicago. His uncle owned an Italian restaurant and offered Massimo his first restaurant job in America. He prepped food and worked in the kitchen. After a short bit of time, his uncle realized his true talent was working in the front of the house with the guests and staff. He moved positions to busboy and later to server.
He later took a job working for Francescas Restaurant Group and quickly moved up the ranks from server to key hourly, key hourly to AGM, and then finally from AGM to General manager.
Massimo decided to make a career change and exercise his passion for people and make a difference in the lives of others. What greater thing can one do for another than help find them a position that they truly enjoy! He decided to come work for EHS to make a difference and impact people’s lives by bringing them together with the right employer. Enhancing the lives of others and in turn enhancing his own.