David comes to EHS Hospitality after 23 years with Hillstone Restaurant Group. Starting as a line cook David quickly moved up the ranks and was offered a management position upon return from his Honeymoon in 2000. While at Hillstone, David assisted in the training of dozens of managers, opening multiple locations all while operating individual Houston’s as Culinary Manager and multiple locations as Regional Culinary Director.

David transitioned into sales as a representative for Halperns’ Steak and Seafood where he gained valuable insight into all the daily miracles that must take place to get deliveries to the back door of a restaurant. This experience at Halperns’ really helped his knowledge of the business to be more well-rounded.

David’s passion for Hospitality extends far beyond the four walls of any restaurant. Growing up Hungarian/ Italian, food has always been the first and last thought of each day. Vegetable gardening is a lifelong passion and a love of food has been passed down for generations. Etched in his brain are sayings such as “You don’t have to be hungry to eat, just eat” what comes with this desire for food is a never ending need to be hospitable.

David lives in Atlanta with his wife and three sons and is looking forward to hearing from you.