Dan has over 25 years in the hospitality industry.  Being an entrepreneur the entire time in his hospitality career, he has knowledge of all aspects of the industry.  Dan is known in his home town Chicago, as being the “Godfather “of “Restaurant Row” the hottest collections of restaurants in the Midwest.  Dan’s accomplishments include “Vivo” opened in 1991 and the first restaurant to open on restaurant row.  In 1994-1996 he opened “Marche and “Red Light” across the street and created a dining synergy that is still thriving.

In 2000 the Hyatt corporation teamed with Dan to expand his very successful concept Vivo into the Cleveland area where he again was instrumental in developing another destination dining area which is still growing strong.

Selling his companies in 2017, Dan has a wealth of knowledge, contacts and professionalism that he can offer.  Dan loves his golf and baseball teams the Chicago Cubs and The Cleveland Indians.