Times, they are changing, but not all the new stuff is correct.
First. If you’re using a recruiter, do not use a resume writing service. A decent recruiter will fix it for free.
Second. Send a resume in a simple format, Word of PDF. Do not send a screen shot or a program that few people have installed on their computer, i.e. InDesign, Readiris.
Third. Keep it simple. Start with Name, Address, Skype, phone, email. Followed by experience. I don’t need a summary or an objective. We know you are in the field and that you want a job.
Forth. Details are key. Use a simple modern font. Include numbers in your resume. If you increased sales 10% tell me how, if you increased guest satisfaction, tell me from what % to what% and how. Potential employers want to know how much money you can make for them.
*Increased sales 10% through a new local marketing program.
*Improve guest service scores 85%-95% through daily server training program
*Lower food cost from 35%-30% through re-costing menu.
Fifth. Dates are important but here are the rules. month and year, in that order. 02/2011-03/2014
We do not need the day and the format is NOT the year followed by the month. 2011-02/2014-03
Remember 2014 to 2015 can be two years or two days. 12/2014-01/2015 OR 01/2014-12-2015

Sixth. List some accomplishments on your resume. This is the time to brag. Manager of the Quarter, Employee of the Year. Promoted twice in five years, Number One store in Region. Opened 3 new stores.

Lastly. Stay away from colors, boxes, extra columns and listing stuff that doesn’t help you get hired.
Send me the ingredients and I’ll make an awesome cocktail out of the it.