So let’s talk about tipping, one of my favorite subjects. The word tips has been described to mean “To Insure Prompt Service”. So Joe’s Crab Shack has decided to raise its prices 15% and pay servers $12-$14/hr. There is also a restaurant in Encino, California that is not hiring any servers and hiring twice as many cooks. So your chef will deliver your food. I have several problems with this.
Where do I order my food? If you leave the customer to order off a touch screen, how can you upsell? The lord knows servers make mistakes when ordering so what do you think the untrained guest will do? I see a lot of returns going back to the kitchen. No cheese, Extra sauce, No this, No that etc.
So how does one get cocktails if there are NO servers?
What is my incentive to do a great job? I won’t get paid extra so why bother.
So the position of the server will be diminished. Why should I jump through hoops if there’s nothing in it for me? Let’s not mention that $12/hr. is $25K a year and $14/hr. is $29K a year. When I was a server in a breakfast/lunch place, most of us made at least $45k a year.
So now I will go to a retail chain store, not use my skills and stock shelves for $15/hr. Good Luck trying to implement this. I always pay 25-30% when I go out, so now you’re messing up the economy.
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