Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the EHS Hospitality Partnership opportunities.

Do I select my own EHS Hospitality location?

Initially we suggest that you work out of your house if at all possible to save cost. We do interviewing at Starbuck’s or other convenient restaurant / coffee shops.
This decision is yours, but upon request EHS will provide you with assistance in site selection. Look for sites that are located in an already developed commercial area or office complex with easy access from all areas of the city. You will need to obtain final approval on all sites from EHS.

What assistance and continued support do I receive?

Beginning with a comprehensive training program, software for client / candidate tracking, ASP service to access your information any where in the World, site assistance, sales and marketing tools, pre- and post-grand opening through day-to-day operations including centralized billing/collections, EHS Hospitality Group is with you every step of the way. You will receive a confidential EHS Hospitality Operations Manual and each Partner has there own EHS staff member assigned to them to work with them on a day to day basis and come to there office and help with accounts and candidates, although all of our helpful management staff will be available to communicate with you on an ongoing basis and is available to you for consultation and assistance.

Who are my customers?

All restaurants and hotels in your territory are potential clients and anyone looking for a managerial position in the food service or hospitality industry is your potential candidate. Your job is to match qualified candidates with the open positions your clients hire you to fill.

In addition, EHS has developed relationships with dozens of major companies such as Cheesecake, Bubba Gump Shrimp, TGI Friday’s, Applebee’s, Maggiano’s, Ruby Tuesday, Panera Bread, just to name a few, which will assist you in gaining access to their establishments in your territory.

Is prior experience or knowledge required?

Yes. We are specifically looking for people with hospitality management or hospitality recruiting experience, as this background will provide you with both knowledge and contacts in the industry. We will also provide a comprehensive training program to give you what you need to get your business up and running.

Do I need a large staff to operate my office?

No. A typical unit will need only you, but can be built to a two to four man office depending on the size of the city and how much work you do nationally or internationally. The EHS Hospitality system eliminates the need for a large staff by managing the client billing process for you. This saves you time and money, and presents a more consistent corporate image to your clients.

How soon can I open my EHS Hospitality Office?

Once the Partnership Agreement has been signed, and your site has been selected and approved, your new business can be operational in as few as 30-60 days.

What is the investment range for a EHS Hospitality office?

$25,000.00- $40,000.00 (contingent upon the size of the territory)
Partnership Fee and training

Initial inventory and supplies, equipment, furnishings, advertising, recommended working capital (recommended 3-5 months) and office lease. (not provided by EHS)

What types of marketing and advertising will be provided?

EHS Hospitality will assist you in growing your business through the strategic and tactical implementations of EHS Hospitality branding and marketing. You will be provided with our Operational Expertise, assisting your office for the best possible results in your selected city. All corporate and partnership offices participate and share the expense in several advertising programs and campaigns, which you have access to from day one. Because these advertising expenses are shared, all offices can participate in numerous programs to attract the right management candidates for their clients.

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