Finding a new career is a big decision. It’s one you will have to live with for some time. When you make major decisions, you want to know all the details. So, you’re looking for a better career, you have researched the company, Glassdoor for reviews and you know the salary. You make it through the interview process and now it’s offer time. Do your homework. It’s what school prepares you for. What are the details, vacation, PTO, holidays, benefits, 401K, salary increases, hours of operations, and on and on. Don’t just take a job because the salary is a little more and you can’t stand your boss and working 70 hours per week. This is your future. After you have all your answers, it’s time to accept the offer. After the offer is made, express your gratitude, common courtesy, and ask how much time you have to make a decision. Ask for the details in writing. Is vacation eligibility after 6 months or a year, when do benefits kick in, etc.? If an employer asks for an immediate decision, it’s a bad sign. Remember you both want the same thing, you in that job. After you have accepted the offer, ask what you can do to complete the next step(s) and what you can do to prepare for your first day. Congratulations, you’ve done it. Good Luck. I would write some more but I have an assignment tomorrow and I have some homework to do.