A growing concept of tipping has emerged. You calculate your bill and place the cash representing the tip on the table. Each time the service falls below your expectations you remove money from the tip. You are giving instant feedback to your server. So, instead of complaining or just not coming back, you’ve made your point.
Let assume I do that with you. You have asked me to help you find a job. Let’s just pick the number $1000.00. Every time you don’t meet my expectations I subtract money. So, every time you don’t call me back or respond to an email or a text on a timely basis, fail to send me references, do not study the company, are slow filling out an application or assessment, come up with an excuse not to show for an interview, or just go dark, I subtract money. At $200 per infraction, where do you think you’ll stand. For some you get the job and the $1000 prize. For others, you owe me money and you still haven’t found a job. Instant feedback. Think about it. Help me help you!!