Everyone does their homework but the real superstars are those who go for the extra credit. Your recruiter will send you web links to the company’s site for the job you are seeking and maybe give you more useful information. But if you really want to find a great company, go the extra mile. Check them out. Huge amounts of that information is available on the Internet. There are guest comments on sites like Yelp to see how the restaurant is perceived. My favorite however is employee and former employees’ reviews of the company. A simple search will yield a lot of information on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. You can learn about benefits, quality of life and reasons for leaving. I wouldn’t give much weight to the one who said he didn’t like working nights or weekends, he’s just in the wrong business. Company ratings can also be found on these sites as well. Look for red flags, i.e. lots of turnover, poor management, no growth, or long hours. Compare them to other companies and you may find one you like better.
Before the internet, I took a job at a local restaurant and was unable to check them out. When I received my employee number 5000, I did some quick math to establish they had a turnover problem, 1.75 people PER DAY! I was only there 6 weeks.
At the interview don’t be afraid to address these questions. It will show you’ve done your homework and give you a feel if the company is addressing the issues. 70% of people, who don’t go for the extra credit, end up regretting it. If you don’t like working 14 hours a day and 6 days a week with poor or no benefits, make a smart decision. Homework never goes away for superstars!