EHS Training Program

What is the EHS Training Program?
• We provide all the Training Necessary to Assure Success.
• You will make many decisions each day and learn and profit from our experience.
• Your success is a direct result of your effort and ability.
• At all times any of our Recruiters, Mentors and Office Managers are available for Questions and Guidance.

Your First Two Weeks will involve…

• An Intensive One on One Training with Individual Recruiters, Personal Mentor and Company President with over 25 years of recruiting experience.
• A Focus on All Aspects of the Day to Day Processes of the Recruiting Industry.
• We have also partnered with the top national training company that has trained recruiters all over the US. This company has online training, recruiter library of information, tracking systems and weekly training updates. The website also gives you a constant update of the pulse of the industry trends.
• We also roll play situations that you will typically experience

On your Third Week you will begin Recruiting Activities such as…

• Cold Calling
• Time Management
• Interviewing
• Advanced Marketing Techniques
• Database Searches

The Rest of the Training is…

• On The Job.
• Consistently Monitored and Groomed to Help You Become a Success.
• A Business that You Learn by Doing.
Please Contact Us if you would like to become an EHS Executive Recruiter or EHS Partner.