Dr. Warren announced yesterday in the roll out of Elevated Careers. He has partnered with a career website and has millions of jobs to match you with. Here’s the rub. Not only are they trying to match you on a skills level, but to match you with your compatibility with your future employer.
Okay, here’s the scoop. People have personalities not companies. The fact is for most companies you will be speaking with an average of 3 different people. Will they then blend your personality with their personalities. It hard enough to pass the personal assessment test some companies give now. Some personal assessments test are actually given to key employees within the company. Their answers become the standard.
I also don’t think anyone is going to give you salary ranges and insider information about the position, like your recruiter would. I am not sure how this works but I am going to apply like a candidate this weekend and will let you know how long it takes and what my results were. If you want to find a career, just contact me at the link below .

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