Usually when we talk about dreamers people refer to immigrants. In the recruiting world, we also have dreamers. That would be a group of people who want to do as little as possible and get highly rewarded for it. They need to be hounded by their recruiters to respond to requests for interview times, confirmations, salary needs, references, and just about everything else. They either lie in bed and think this will happen all by itself or it’s too hard to jump through a few hoops to get ahead. I’ll just stay in my rut and be happy. Hey, getting somewhere great is never easy. So, wake up, get out of bed, make your bed, and get yourself in a better place.
Let’s talk about money. Raises are earned and getting more than your worth, is considered an early Birthday present. Every day is not your Birthday so stop circumventing me and tell the person that you’re interviewing with, you need a $20K raise, especially after I told you the job wasn’t paying that much. Stay in your league. Freshman don’t play varsity ball the first year and free agents receive comparable increases. Wake up and smell the Frappuccino. Now, get on the phone and call a recruiter!!