Recruiting & Career Management

EHS Hospitality Group is a national and international recruiting firm that specializes in the career management and recruitment of hospitality professionals.

For two decades, on behalf of more than 300 companies throughout the United States and worldwide, we have continued to seek out and help advance the careers of hospitality professionals in the quick service, casual, family, and fine dining segments. EHS also works with a wide variety of hotel and resort clients.

  • Our team is made up of more than just recruiters:  we are career consultants for hundreds of candidates each year.  We’ve been in your shoes, with backgrounds in the hospitality industry and so have a unique insight into what it takes for you to move ahead in your career.  We only work with companies that take care of their managers and live up to their promises. And, many of the positions we’re working to fill aren’t posted anywhere else.  View our current openings here.
  • As one of our candidates, we work with you – in person whenever possible – to discover and evaluate your skills, and to define your goals, ambitions, and desires.  We then guide you through every step of the job search process by helping you:

    • Write or edit your resume to best highlight your skills and accomplishments.
    • Review information on companies and positions we feel would be a good match for your career path
    • Arrange and prepare for interviews based on our inside knowledge of the position and hiring company.
    • Negotiate an offer that is in line with your goals and industry standards.

    Our services are free.  If you’re currently employed, you can trust that our networking efforts on your behalf will be confidential.  If you’re unemployed, EHS uses our long-standing relationships with our clients to find the best opportunities and move you through the interview process as quickly as possible.   And even though you may not be looking for a new job now, EHS career consultants are here to set you up for success once you decide to kick-start your job search.

    So, what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with an EHS Hospitality Recruiter today and get your career on track for greatness!

    Careers Managers
    We call ourselves Career Managers because even though the companies pay our fees our main concern is finding the “right fit” for the candidate. We take time to discover and evaluate the candidate’s skills, define their goals, ambitions and desires: we then guide you through every step of the interview process by providing the necessary information on each company/interviewer. Our companies/candidates appreciate us because we meet 90% of our candidates. We do not do 5 minute phone calls and then blast your resume across the internet. We also will not work with every company that will pay us. We only work with companies that take care of their managers and live up to their promises.

    The majority of our management positions are not advertised and vary from day to day as we fill and take job orders from Clients. Our having your resume allows us to evaluate your abilities and begin networking for you immediately if you desire, let us assist you in locating the great career change you have been thinking about! So please search our jobs and apply on line for great career opportunities. Contact Us.

    And even though you may not be looking for a new job now, we are here to assist you and answer your questions. We can also assist you in putting together your resume. So when that time comes, and you would like to advance your career and have a better quality of life, you will feel comfortable knowing we are here for you.