Wendy’s announced they will be installing 6000 kiosks in their locations as a remedy to the push for an increase in the minimum wage to $15/hr. Millions of people start their work history in a quick serve restaurant. As what happened with most of us in the industry, the entry level positions allow us to observe managers at work and develop a love for the business. So now an entry level position will be $30K/yr. But with no experience, where do we draw our managers from. I started as a dishwasher, busser, server and eventually a Manager and a Director. I loved the business because of the people. I had amazing Math SAT scores and a scholarship for a mathematics degree to become an engineer. I stayed with food service. This move will virtually remove human interaction. In a report yesterday they stated that tweens spend 6 hours a day on some type of wireless device i.e. phone, tablet, etc., and teens spend 9 hours a day, not including homework. This is an alarming trend.
So here is your new scenario. You walk into a restaurant and the first thing you notice is the silence. There is no one to talk to as you order at the kiosk. You are giving a number and then pick up your food at a counter. Since you have your head in your phone, you don’t speak to anyone because you’re checking email etc… You eat lunch and depart and haven’t interacted with anyone. What have you accomplished? You haven’t made any network connections or caught up on the town’s events and definitely haven’t met your soul mate. If you go through the Drive thru, there is no more crackling speaker, just a touch screen to order and a payment machine.
I think that is why companies like Starbucks are so successful. They greet you, usually know you name and remember you drink a Decaf, Skim Iced Latte with a double shot. They call your name again when your drink is ready and bid you a good day. Human Interaction!!!
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