In a recent phone conversation between a recruiter and a prospective candidate, we could not get a hold of him to accept an offer. He went through all the necessary steps to make it to this point. The recruiter called the candidate’s place of employment to contact him. They said he hadn’t worked there in a month. Well we unleashed our talents on his resume to find out a lot more about how it didn’t make sense. He said he worked in a place for two years and left in 2009. The restaurant didn’t open until 2010.
Finally, the prospect calls the recruiter. After being confronted he claims he knows how to present himself to prospective employers. The recruiter, now frustrated, explains the cold hard truth. You may be able to run a $12M kitchen and create gastronomical delights beyond belief, but I am a recruiter and have been for over two decades. You may be great at what you do, but I am great at what I do, for a living, every day, and all day.
Be upfront with your recruiter. No one’s resume is perfect and we’ve all been victim of management changes, economic downturns, and political decisions. We know how to deal with the truth. You don’t tell the accountant how to do your taxes or your mechanic how to fix your car, so don’t tell us how to find you a new career. You’ve had 5 jobs in the last 5 years and have been unemployed for a month and remember, you reached out to us for help.
When you use a recruiter, be honest with us and we’ll be honest with you. We’ll tell you that you have poor tenure, not enough sales volume or not the right background. We’ll still find you a great career but it’s always best “To Tell the Truth”.

JK Blogger